Arts & Sciences

The theme for the Cultura Atlantia competition will be 1500-1550s in the German states of the Holy Roman Empire. Lady Mariss Ghijs will offer prizes for two entries, “Best Documentation” and “Their Majesties’ Choice.”

Arts & Sciences display – There will be room to display arts other than competition entries.

A Brewing Roundtable will be hosted by Lord Istvan Dragosani – bring your creations and ideas to share! 2PM – 3PM in the Taverne (Barn, 2nd floor)

Youth Activities and Classes will be offered by Lady Astrid Spakona. Make Viking style beads to take home. Sculpting clay will imitate the glass used in period.

All are invited to join in the Dancing after Feast run by Lady Sonya Flicker as well as Gaming in the Taverne hosted by Baron Celric d’Ravelle!

The Poeta Atlantia, Lady Iselda de Narbonne, is sponsoring a meeting of the Meistersingers (singing is entirely optional)! In keeping with the famous German guild of poets and songwriters, a special prize will be offered for the most compelling performance of any entry in Cultura Atlantia that involves poetry (for example, original poetry, translations of poetry, or poems with pitches, aka “songs”). Performances will take place in Master Wyn’s dayshade, at a time soon to be designated. Non-poetry performances are also welcome for consideration for Cultura Atlantia, but to be considered for the Meistersinger Prize, your entry should involve poetry in the style of Germany between 1500-1550 (please see for ideas). Questions may be directed to poeta(at)

11AM Germanic Tales – by Lady Scholastica Joycours
12PM Hair Taping – by Baroness Karin Taylor de Cameron
12PM Newcomers’ Tour of site – by Lady Sonya Flicker
1PM Period Bead Embroidery – by Lady Sindara Lind Rachael Fessel of the Falconshield
2PM Spinning and Fiber Preparation – by Mistress Brienna Lindsey
3PM Dance Class – by Lady Sonya Flicker

Mystery Ingredient Scribal Challenge:
Greetings to the gifted artisans and scribes of the illustrious Kingdom of Atlantia! With the original founder’s permission of this competition, I have taken over the Mystery Scribal Challenge. I, Baroness Aemilia Rosa, send invitation to those who wish to put their imaginative minds to task! I am sending this missive early so that there is plenty of time for everyone to sign up, receive their items and have plenty of time to create their entries. The Mystery Ingredient Scribal “Arts” Challenge will take place at Fall Coronation 2019 in the Barony of Storvik. If you plan to attend and would like to participate, please send me an email with your mailing address at my personal email: aemiliarosa (at) comcast (dot) net. If you would like to participate but can not attend, you are welcome to have someone else bring your entry. This is an artistic scribal challenge, no calligraphy is required. All that I ask is not to order the Mystery Kit unless you are planning to enter the challenge. Only one Mystery Kit per entry. Please note, this is a Mystery Challenge and must remain a Mystery until the day of the Event, so please no discussing ingredients with others. Time to get creative! (And I hear there could be prizes…)

In Service, Baroness Aemilia Rosa, Atlantian Clerk Signet