Site and Camping

Site: The site is Elchenburg Castle Farm, located at One Elchenburg Castle Place, Boonville, NC 27011. With the exception of Permanent Camps, camping will be open to first come, first serve. Please be courteous and mindful of space as you set up your camps, so that others may also freely enjoy the site. A site map is below showing block locations of historical camps, for reference only.

Please note the following changes, as regards the Map: Archery Range is located in the Yellow Belt and Red Rum blocks. Fighting Fields will be to the left of the Castle in the Market block. Royal Pavilion and Court will be in front of the Barn in the Market block. Field Pavilions and Merchants will be located in the Market block. A&S will be in Pavilions in front of the Picnic Shelter in the Market block. Battlefield Area and Equestrian Arena will be open for camping. Permanent camps are numbered and/or indicated by black and gold stripes and are not available for open camping.

Site Restrictions: All animals beside Service Animals must be leashed. Campfires are permitted, as long as fire extinguishers or a bucket of sand sufficient to douse the fire is on hand.

Elchenburg Site Map