► Coronation Lottery

Due to the limited number set by the SCA BoD (150 total), and the number of required attendees (TRM, TRH, Event Staff, Tech Crew, ect.), there is a very limited number of available spots to attend. To be as fair as possible we are holding a lottery for the remaining available spaces.

  • Lottery Instructions:      
    • Enter for a chance by filling out the form –         
    • Each entry is for yourself and one guest. You can only enter once.
    • The deadline to enter is June 6th. The drawing will be on June 9th and the winners will be notified on June 10th and PayPal invoices will be sent out to the winners by June 12th. Invoices must be paid by June 20th or you will forfeit your spot and it will be given to someone on the waitlist.