The Schembart Carnival or  Nuremberg Shrovetide Carnival  (German: ‘Schembartlauf’) was popular in  Nuremberg,  Germany in the 15th century before it ended in 1539 due to the complaints of a town dignitary. The carnival features costumed men with bearded masks carved of wood, carrying on and generally acting foolishly. The name shembart is German for ‘mask beard’. Along with music, song, food and drink, the carnival featured speakers who poked fun at politicians, persons of power, and policies of the government.

We know details about the Schembart Carnival from about more than 80 Schembart books (Schembartbuch, mask beard books). This manuscript describe chronologically and richly illustrated the Nuremberg Schembartlauf events in the period of 1449 to 1530. Written from the late 16th century until 19th century, this books are quite similar to each other and mostly have colored drawings of the costumed men and of festivities of each year, and also list the names of participants, descriptions of masks and a recording of the better carnival events.


This site is reserved for information regarding the upcoming coronation of Christoph Krieger and Adelhait Fuchs, of the Kingdom of Atlantia.

More information will be made avaiable as it becomes finalized.
Event: Coronation of Christoph II and Adelhait II
Autocrat: Jonathan Blackbow
Date/Time: 2019-04-05 at 5 PM – 2019-04-07 at 12 PM
Host Group: Atlantia
Site: Camp Millstone 4-H Center
1296 Mallard Drive
Ellerbe, NC 28338
Martial Activities: Armored, Rapier, Youth, Target Archery, Thrown Weapons
MiC: Bear Wellner
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