Fall Coronation

Mord im das Gästehaus des Hasen und Hundes

In the Fall of 1525, King Christoph and Queen Adelhait, traveling with their Royal Court in attendance, as well as Officers of State, Barons and Baronesses, artists, craftspeople, musicians, and a large army of nobles and Landsknecht mercenaries, stopped at a sleepy crossroads marked only by a small tavern and a few common houses. Here their Majesties intended to rest for two nights before crossing the river; what happened next changed history…

The theme of the event is a temporary camp for the Crown and retinue at a sleepy border outpost of The Holy Roman Empire in 1525.

Unfortunately, early Saturday morning, the King is found in his lodging unresponsive and is pronounced dead by a Surgeon of local reputation (reputedly his prescription for everything is strong bier). The learned medical man is unable (or unwilling) to state a cause of death – except to say it was definitely regicide!

As the Nobles of the Court quietly speculate and cast accusatory glances between them, brave Queen Adelhait tries to bear the burden of the Crown alone and crushed by grief. Yet she soon realizes that suspicion will touch even her beautiful and blameless person. So Her Majesty temporarily transfers her powers to Prince Cuan and Princess Signy and charges them to follow the facts and uncover the truth.

Every activity on the day will offer the opportunity to collect a clue as to the identity of the killer, the manner by which the deed was done, and where it was done. There is no minimum or maximum size for investigation teams, but independent detectives will not have time to participate in all activities. It is possible to solve the mystery without gathering all the clues, but the more clues one finds the better a team’s chances. Also, teams may be formed in advance or at the event.

Date/Time: October 4, 2019 at 5 PM until October 6 at 2 PM
Patuxent River Park, Pavilion area
16000 Croom Airport Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Martial Activities: Armored, Rapier, Youth, Target Archery, Thrown Weapons

Arts & Sciences: Cultura Atlantia competition, Mystery Ingredient Scribal Challenge, Poeta Atlantiae’s performance competition, Brewing Roundtable, Classes, Musical and Poetry Performances throughout the day and Feast

Feast: Roast pork, roast fowl, a variety of veg; sweet, sour, and savory. A sumptuous German delight by Head Chef Lady Alicia of Cambion and God-Emperor of Cuisine Master Igor Medvéd

To request field space for a dayshade (which you are allowed to sleep in if you like), please fill in this Google form. Sir Carlyle Jamesson is the field coordinator.

If you have any questions please contact the Autocrat, Lady Kunigunde von Darmstadt at lilkender at gmail.com

For questions concerning this website, please contact the Kingdom Web Minister (webminister at atlantia.sca.org)