The Arts of The Hunt Competition

Bring your best clothing, livery, or equipment as seen or used in the hunt.

“Judging” will be by populace vote. Apprentices of the arts will receive a green bead for 2 points each, populace gets 1 point. Each person gets three beads total with which to vote.

There will be three levels of participation for the Arts of the Hunt competition: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. It will be up to the artisan to declare their skill level at the time of their entry. Set-up should begin at 8am, all items to be in place before morning court – pick up will be before evening court.

Cultura Atlantia – Best Depiction of Roses – Competition

These beautiful blossoms have been depicted and celebrated in many artistic forms over the centuries, so you are invited to bring your works out to share.

Any form of Art or Scientific endeavor which fits the theme is welcome, and you may enter your work in the competition, or to put it out for display only. You are welcome to have more than one entry or display.

While pre-registration is not required, in order to help us to place space for the event, we do ask that, if possible, you drop a note to, and let us know about how much space we should allow for your entry(s).

Further information about Cultura Atlantia can be found at

Parade of Hounds 

No hunt happens without the noble hounds.  The White Rose decrees “Show Us Your Noble hounds.”  There will be a parade of doggos for her Majesty’s pleasure. Dress your beloved canines in their finest livery!

Hand Worker and Fiber Solar

Are you hunting the wild stitch? Or are you warping for a tapestry depicting the hunt of the Unicorn? Would you seek a place to spend your time among like-minded stitchers of all varieties? Join the Company of the Clewe, Atlantia’s own Knitting Guild, under their dayshade to while away the hours, share experiences and get a hand if you need it. All forms of handwork welcome! 1-3pm, Saturday!