► Morning Courts

  • Last Court of Eckehard and Jane – Join us and celebrate the reign of King Eckehard and Queen Jane as they hold their final court. 
  • Coronation of Cuan and Adelhait – The Diet of Elchenburg has spoken and the new monarchs of Atlantia will be Prince Cuan and Princess Adelhait

► Afternoon Court

  • Court of King Cuan and Queen Adelhait – Celebrate the Bavarian reign of the newly Crowned Majesties of Atlantia. 

Martial Activities 

► Melees

  • Armored Combat Melees – Teams of 3 will vie for victory
  • Rapier Combat Melees – Teams of 3 will vie for victory

► Steel Gallery Tournament (pending)

Target Archery

  • Come enjoy shooting a few rounds of Archery at the A&S themed target!! No competitions or stress….just good clean FUN!

A&S Activities

All A&S Activities will take place in either the Picnic Shelter or nearby Field Pavilions.

Make, Take, Donate Largess!

            This contest involves making three items of the SAME thing in honor of our new queen’s third reign.  Yes, two shall go into the Queen’s Basket of Largess, and the third shall go to another contest entrant as a prize for adding to the bounty of our realm. 

            While it does NOT need to be a holy hand grenade, three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four and fve shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Six is right out.

            These items may be made from any material and may be used as a decoration or a practical purpose…or both.  Now, you may use different colors (such as a fabric bag), you may put different creatures/words/figures on your three items as well.   At the end of the day, Queen Adelheit will select the method of prize distribution.

Sparkles and Bling!

            What is royalty without their shineys?  Impress our new Queen…word on the street says she LOVES bling!  

            This contest will show off a piece of your finest bling, be it beading, metalworking, glasswork, ceramics, sewing, embroidery, knitting, etc.  Documentation is expected but not strict or restrictive.  Show us how you came upon your idea and what sources you followed.  People love learning and seeing history come to life!

Make a Marotte!

            A wha…..??  A Fool’s Wand!  Coronation celebrations begin on the Silliest Day of the Year!  Carnivalesque Fools abounded in Germany and elsewhere.  A Jester’s Scepter was an integral part of their costume and job.

            Create one for Atlantia’s Court…go traditional with a face, decorate it with ribbons and bells, make it do tricks….bring out your best stick trickery and perchance your wand will win the day!

Going to the Dogs!

            To honor our newly crowned king, this contest plays on his heraldry. This contest is open to anything dog-related!  An embroidered collar?  A K-9 medallion?  A dog tug toy?  Period plausible dog treats?  It’s a dog’s world and we’re just living in it! 

SCA Museum

Her Majesty (to be) has also requested a tent to be devoted as an SCA Museum…bring your favorite bit of  the SCA memorabilia to place out for everyone to enjoy!  A short note (or a long story) to accompany it would be awesome!  (And yes, your memories WILL be going home with you — this is a display only!)


Newcomers Track (At the Picnic Shelter)

  • 8:30-9:30:  Coffee & Coronation Conversation about what is happening today.
  • After Coronation until 12:15pm: Oaths, Oath-taking, and the Real World Value of Giving Your Word in a Hobby.
  • 1pm: Site Walk (an organic combination of SCA 101, SCA 201, Etiquette & How to Get Involved)
  • 2-3:15pm: Rose & Crown beginners bardic. The Royal Bards are offering a Bardic Circle for Beginners at Coronation. Whether you are new to the SCA, new to this area, new to Bardic, new to your instrument, or an experienced person willing to share your talents, please join us! Folks can participate as audience or performers. If you just want to see what it’s all about, please stop by. We will explain a little about bardic circles. We welcome singers, instrumentalists, storytellers, poets, dancers, thespians, and other performing arts folks. You don’t have to have your piece memorized. No stress, just come and make merry. 
  • 3:30 – 4:15pm: Surviving Court with Your Head Attached (court etiquette & why it’s fun)
  1. Lebkuchen: A Medieval German cookie (1pm):

By our new Royal Baker: H.Lady Lucrezia sarta di Napoli.

 We will discuss the origin of Lebkuchen and the ingredients in period and today.   What are the differences and similarities?  Samples will be provided.  If time, we will discuss Lemon Biscotti in the same way.   If you provide an email address instructor will send them recipes and information from class.  Class limit is 12 and only about 30-40 minutes.   

2. Latin Phrases and Mottos (1pm):

By: Lady Diana of Viroconium

Latin is the language of the educated and enlightened of the middle ages.  The first universities taught Latin so priests could read St Jerome’s translation of the Bible, called the Vulgate. Henry V carried a Latin copy of Virgil’s Aeneid with him to the Battle of Agincourt. Join Lady Diana of Viroconium to explore famous Latin quotes and mottos from the past. She can also help you create an original Latin motto for your SCA persona.

3. Make-and-Take 14th Century Purse (2pm):

By: Meisterin Amie Sparrow

Learn how to make a 14th century purse based on images in the Manesse Codex (c. 1300-1340) and the Grandes Chroniques de France (1332-1350). I will show you how to sew rectangles of fabric to make the purse and its lining. Kit fee $2.00. Class limited to 10 people. If you want to bring your own materials and sewing kit, you are welcome to join in. You’ll need (2) 7”x8” pieces of wool or linen for the exterior of the bag and (2) 7”x8” pieces of lightweight linen for the lining, matching thread, and 3 pieces of 26-inch, 1/8” wide ribbon or fingerloop braided cord for the drawstrings and purse loop. The process will be posted online at her website:

4.  Beaded Edges Galore!! (3pm):

By: Elspeth Meresberie of Shepton Mallet:

How to sew a beaded edge on veils, goblet covers, table linens, etc. This will be a make and take class with kits available for $10. Includes everything but scissors and any magnifying devices you may need to help you see the teeny tiny little beads.   No experience necessary!  Limit 10 kits.

1.5 – 2 hours.  Bring your chair, scissors and magnifying devices, if needed!

5.  Easy T Tunic (2pm):

By Pagane:    

In this class, students will learn the basics of the t tunic. Everyone will learn to measure themselves and draw a pattern for a very basic first garment.

Optionally, students may bring fabric and be able to draw out their personalized clothing item, and be ready to cut it out and take it home to finish. 

For full length garments, please acquire 3 ¼ yards of cloth. For knee length, you may use 2 ¼ yards of material. Please do not choose a knitted or stretch fabric. You may also use a king or queen sized flat sheet. 

Appropriate materials:

100% cotton, linen, wool, or silk. Use any color you choose, but solid colors are preferred. However, you have printed or patterned material, you are welcome to use that rather than spend money on new cloth.

6. Brewer’s Roundtable – hosted by House Barra at their camp (1pm):

Open to public. Bring a chair, brews and tasting cups. Must be 21 and over. It will be hosted by House Barra and meet the new Kingdom Brewer (when she’s not off doing Baroness things!)

7.  Open Fire Cooking – at Valhalla Camp (between courts): 

While not strictly a class, Mistress Asta Knarrarbringa will have a drop-in demo.  She will be cooking dinner over an open fire and will be happy to field questions about cooking this way, meals, etc. 

8.  Intro to Sewing Basic Pants(3pm):

By: Svana Marsdottir. MKA: Savannah Marlow

Learn how to draft a pattern for a pair of basic pants suitable for SCA wear. We’ll discuss how the basic pattern can be used as a stepping off point for more complicated pants. Participants are encouraged to be prepared to take notes and will be provided a handout with digital sources and basic instructions.

Participants are also welcome to bring supplies to make their own pants, such as fabric, needle, thread, and scissors though these will not be provided for them. We will cover drafting a pattern from a pair of modern pants, drafting a pattern from measurements only and drafting a pattern for non-standard sizes.

9.  SPIKE Bead Embroidery class (4pm):

By: HL Adair of Makydwell

Show your Atlantian pride or make a sweet gift by learning bead embroidery and making your own Spike!!   Whoever wishes to take this class can send an email to: and she will send a syllabus with the supply lists required.   Bead backing foundation may be available to share during the class, depending on delivery. 

10.  Needlework Solar (any needlework!) (between courts)

By HL Adair of Makyswell:  

Needleworkers of Atlantia – Please join us as we celebrate the Coronation of our new monarchs, Adelhait and Cuan. Let us sit and share our experiences and creations that we began and completed during the plague time with renewed happiness to share each others company.  

All Needlework will be welcome.  Please bring a chair, your projects and whatever you may wish to partake as a beverage while we enjoy friendships and techniques.

11. Forging Ahead!

By: Lord Solvarr  

Live forge, class using medium carbon steels…description to follow!

12. Hat Make and Take (4pm):

By: Rouva (Lady) Rikissa Ravattulalainen

Want to look like you stepped from an illumination or painting? Well, covering your head is part of the magic!Come learn the basics on how to make a simple 4 or 6 piece hat that might pass for Norse, Norman or Nomad.  Kit included. Cost is donation, gifted to the Kingdom travel fund.

13.  Heralds & Scribes of Atlantia Meet & Greet (12-1 pm)

Host:  Meisterin Gisela vom Kreuzbach

Come have Ginger Cookies & Tea or Lemonade at an informal Meet & Greet with Triton and other senior staff. It will be good to put names to faces and get back in the swing of being together.

14.  Coiled Pine Needle Baskets (3pm)

By: Annora Hall/ Kathy Alma

Learn to make a coiled pine needle basket!  Kits are limited to the first 8 folks, but more are welcome to audit.  Cost of kit is $5.  Please bring a chair.

Other Activities

► Feast

The early evening will host a simple German-inspired feast, produced by Lady Margaret of Buckrode, which will be held outside under pavilions. The menu will be posted to the website in the near future. Space for the feast is limited so reserve quickly to get a spot.

Menu: Cheese sausages and bread, hand pies – cheese and herb; pork and apple, roasted chicken with sauce, cheese buns, Hungarian cheese sops, and wafers with snow and preserved strawberries. The feast is entirely nut and seed free.

If you are on-board for feast, remember to bring your feast gear, a beverage holder, napkins and a tablecloth (if you wish). Tables and chairs will be provided. A seating chart sign-up will be available in the afternoon. Tables hold 8 people, and High Table will be for 10, at the invitation of TRM.

► Die Scheunenkneipe (The Barn Tavern)

After feast, the barn tavern, Die Scheunenkneipe, will be open for drinks, games and merriment. IDs will be checked and wristbands issued.