Armored Combat

The Hunt

Hunting is the noblest of sports, the sport of kings. Hunters, gather your dogs, and an array of your finest weapons. Do you dare enter His Majesty’s forest to bring down your prey?  Are you the master of game, or will you fall prey to hunters bane?

The Hunt will consist of 3 man teams- 1 hunter and 2 dogs

Grand Melee

At the end of the hunt beasts, hunters and dogs alike will meet on the plains for a grand melee. Last fighter standing will receive the Trident of the Titan.


There will be three tournaments and the number of the tournaments will be three.  They shall be named Fox, Badger and Wild Dog. Points will be awarded based on the nature of the tournament. Titan Winner will be determined as the fighter with the greatest number of points at the end of the day’s rapier tournaments.

  • Fox is 1st and is single elim.
  • Badger is 2nd and is a progressive weapons tournament.
  • Wild Dog is last and is a Round robin.


Hunters must be keen of eye as well as fleet of foot.  Show your skill at archery at a competition hosted by The Honorable company of Grimmsfield.

Thrown Weapons

Are you brave enough to face the terrifying Wild Boar of Nanjemoy on foot and armed with only a spear? Are you willing to take on a 10 point stag with an axe? The hunt will be an active part of the thrown weapons range at coronation.  All 5 thrown weapons forms will be used to hunt deer, boar, pheasant, rabbit and more. Don’t get killed by the boar as it charges you!

Open throwing and TW games will also be available at the range  during the day.

Youth Combat

Our savage youth are our future hunters.  Come and show us your skill.  Scenarios will be determined by the number of participants.