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► Morning Courts *

  • Last Court of Anton & Luned – Join us and celebrate the reign of King Anton and Queen Luned as they hold their final court. 
  • Coronation of Eckehard & Jane – King Anton and Queen Luned have lead Atlantia through unprecedented and unthinkably difficult times and are ready to hand over the Crowns their rightful Hiers to Prince Eckehard and Princess Jane.

► Afternoon Court *

  • Court of King Eckehard & Queen Jane – Celebrate the dawning of a new era with the newly Crowned Majesties of Atlantia. 

Martial Activities 

► Steel Tournament *

Their Highnesses have bid Duke Michael to organize an invitation-only steel tournament in honor of their coronation. 

A&S Activities

► Queens Request Largesse Challenge

The incoming Queen, Jane, has put forth a largess challenge to the populace of fair Atlantia. With events returning the Crowns need to refill their coffers with the riches of the talented populace of Atlantia. 

  • Rules:
    • Photos of all entries will be posted online after the event.     
    • Each entrant needs to provide 6 of whatever they choose to enter (example- 6 pouches, 6 bottles of brew, 6 pieces of trim, etc.) 
    • You do not need to attend Coronation to enter. If you are unable to attend you can send your entry to: Nikole Harrington 2807 Spring Garden st. Apt A, Greensboro, NC 27403     
    • The competition will be a populace choice and the winner will get one of each entry. If the winner is not in attendance their prize will be sent to them after the event.

► Coronation Bardic Concert

THL Ciaran and Baroness Nezkha along with a few guests will perform prior to afternoon court in celebration of the coronation of Atlantia’s new Monarchs.

* We intend to livestream events marked with an asterisk to youtube