Martial Activities

The Five Landsknechte, by Daniel Hopfer, 1530

To request field space for a dayshade (which you are allowed to sleep in if you like), please fill in this Google form. Sir Carlyle Jamesson is the field coordinator.

Follow the sound of the drum and fife to the fields of battle!

– Marshal in Charge: Dame Dealla Cohen
– Minister of the Lists: Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain
– Armored Marshal: Lord Grimkirk ap Greymoor
-Combat Archery Marshal: Baron Fergus of Hanna
– Rapier Marshal: Lady Caitilín inghean Uí Ruaidhrí
– Youth Marshal: Lady Helen de Berkeley
– Target Archery Marshal: Lord Knutr Olafsson Osiðar
– Thrown Weapons Marshal: Lady Áine ingen Máel Pátraic

Armored fighting will feature team combat in the town including Capture the Keg, then individual tourney fighting on the list field. Armored Singles Tourney: Bearpit format. The fighter in the pit retains wounds and remains in the pit until they are defeated. The following weapons forms are permitted: bastard sword, great sword, single sword and buckler. A buckler is a shield with a single hand grip, no arm strap, and may be no more than 20” across it’s greatest breadth (diagonal counts). If you do not have a buckler, one will be provided. Tourney duration: One Hour. Fighters get one point for each fight, plus one point for each victory.

Armored Melees, Field Battles: Best of 5 field battle. 3 battles to include Combat Archery and one battle limited to great weapons only.

Followed by a limited front resurrection scenario. (Time permitted until the field closes)

Rapier fighting will include a series of tournaments including cut & thrust, then team fighting including Capture the Keg in the town.

Heavy Rapier: Glück
Games of glück (German for Luck) were popular among the Landsknecht. As such, a dice tournament will be held. Offhand items will be various items that could be found in camp or in a tavern and determined by a roll of the dice, one die for each fighter.

  1. Sword and Dagger
  2. Sword and Mug
  3. Single Sword
  4. Sword and Plate (Buckler)
  5. Sword and Bottle
  6. Fighter’s Choice (No dagger only fights allowed)

The tournament will be split into two lists (depending on the number of participants) and run in a bearpit format with the winner holding the field for up to three fights. Single pass with double-kills being refought once. The winner retains all wounds and the weapons form from when they entered the field. One point for each victory. Double-kills receive no points.

Cut & Thrust: Glück
Games of glück (German for Luck) were popular among the Landsknecht. As such, a dice tournament will be held. Fighters are allowed to bring whatever form they choose, but those with two-handed weapons must armor down if they meet an opponent who wishes not to fight a two-handed weapon or does not have sufficient hand protection. Two dice will be rolled to determine the number of points available for the winner of the fight. However, if the winner has lost an arm or leg they will have one point deducted from the total. If the winner of the fight does not deliver a killing blow and instead legs their opponent, they will also have a point deducted from the total. This will be a single pass round robin depending on the number of fighters.

Capture the Keg, a Tavern Brawl:
Two teams of three combatants begin at opposite ends outside of the tavern (lower level of the barn). In the center of the tavern is a keg (water cooler). At lay on, the teams attempt to remove the keg by grabbing it and returning it to their start/resurrection point. Each combatant has ONE resurrection (so two lives total. In the armored scenario, one member of the team must have a two handed weapon and whoever grabs the keg must do so with a properly armored hand (shield hand is okay if it remains in the shield and is otherwise armored according to our rules). In the rapier scenario, at least one combatant must fight sword and buckler.

Melees will follow, as time allows, including Combat Archery!

Youth Combat – Their Majesties will choose their Youth Champion

Thrown Weapons – Reinheitsgebot, Duck Duck Goose

We are happy to bring attendees two competitions to the Coronation Thrown Weapons Range, one for solo participants and one for teams! We hope to keep a single hard-target practice lane open throughout the day, but priority will be given to throwers wishing to compete in the tourneys during their scheduled times.

Adults and children (accompanied by a legal guardian) may participate. No experience is necessary. Final rules & scoring will be posted and read at the time of the tourney.

As always, loaner gear is available and targets will be provided on site.
11 (or 15 minutes after morning court) Range Opens
12:30 – 2 Reinheitsgebot Tourney

In 1516, the German state Bavaria implemented the Reinheitsgebot, or Beer Purity Law, stipulating that beer could be made from just three ingredients: water, barley, and hops (yeast’s role in fermentation had not yet been discovered). In part, the Reinheitsgebot was intended to restrict the use of wheat and rye in order to regulate prices for those grains in order to keep bread affordable. The Law also had the effect of suppressing the use of various plants commonly used in pagan rituals, such as gruit (a mixture of herbs used to bitter beer) and belladonna, and of problematic ingredients meant to preserve beer, such as stinging nettle and henbane.

In this competition, you are a brewer’s apprentice in Bavaria sent to collect ingredients to brew beer. You are to collect as much water, barley, and hops as possible without contaminating the ingredients with restricted items. Contaminated beer will be forfeit to the Crown!

Looking for clues as to who killed Christoff? Rumor has it there may be a tip or two to pick up while collecting your beer ingredients!


You will throw a total of 9 weapons at hard targets from the 10-foot line. You will collect one of each item you stick. Multiple sticks with the same weapon will earn multiple ingredients.

Spear Bonus (tiebreaker):

Yeast is an essential component in beer but at the time of the Reinheitsgebot had not yet been identified for its role in fermentation. To ensure your kegs are successful, collect wild yeast to add to your beer.


You will throw a total of 3 spears at soft targets from the 10-foot line. You will collect one yeast for each balloon you pop, regardless of whether the spear stays stuck in the target.

2:30 – 4 Duck Duck Goose Tourney

We have a new reign about to begin and with it a new Thrown Weapons tourney to entice you. Let the name intrigue you to create and bring a team of three to the Thrown Weapons range on Saturday, October 5, 2019 between the hours of 2:30 and 4. Will you be able to beat your fellow baronial, shire, or canton teams (up to 2 teams per Barony, e.g., a Baron’s Team and a Baroness’s Team), and dare I say any kingdom teams (up to 2 teams, e.g., a King’s Team and a Queen’s Team), on the range? Can you hit the grand goose or only a duck? Or will you miss and hit your King, or – oh no! – the Queen in the process? I hope your mark is true and you take home the prize (and bragging rights for your Barony) from the first of many Duck Duck Goose tourneys. Revive old baronial rivalries or start some new ones in this lighthearted competition!

Current landed royalty – Kingdom or Baronial – who participate as part of a team will earn bonus points for their team! 

PS: Did I mention a prize? The Barony of Caer Mear has donated a gorgeous prize worthy of a true team effort. The prize will travel and be passed along to the next winner of a Duck Duck Goose tourney; will you be the first to hold it?!


Please assemble teams of three, one to throw each weapon (knife, axe, and spear); teams must consist of three people – no doubling up! 

We encourage teams to complete their throws together, with as much pomp and fanfare as they wish to bring. As we know schedules can be tough to coordinate on a day as busy as Coronation, so we will make allowances for busy schedules and allow team members who are unavailable between 2:30 and 4 to throw for their score any time the range is open.

Participants will throw their designated weapon style 6 times at appropriate targets (hard targets for knife and axe, soft targets for spear).

Target Archery – Tournaments and Distance shoot

Atlantian Steel – demonstration on the main list field