Combatants of the Barony! Call on your brothers and sisters to pick up arms and protect Their Highness’ caravan across the treacherous trade routes of the silk and spice roads. Events for the day will include Armored Combat, Rapier, Rebated Steel (tentative), Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Equestrian.

Martial Activities

Armored Combat

  • Double elimination tournament of 3 counted blows.
  • The field will remain open afterwards for pickups.


  • First Blood Tourney – Tournament will be round robin, but can switch to double elim based on time, attendance, or feedback.  All bouts will be fought to “First Blood”, i.e. first valid blow to a non-lethal area (arms, legs, etc).  Strikes to lethal areas will not be counted.
  • Melee Practice – In preparation for Pennsic, the Pennsic Rapier Warlord and various group commanders are invited to take the field to sharpen their skills in preparation for the upcoming war.

Archery(activities TBD)
Thrown Weapons (activities TBD)

Equestrian Activities

  • Earn the Crown: Bring your standard games weapons.  If you don’t have any loaner will be available.
  • Pas de Duex: A pairs horseback riding challenge.
  • The sport of Kings: Polo….. Broom Polo: A fun take on the classic game using brooms and a large ball.