Cultura Atlantia

The theme for Cultura Atlantia at the upcoming Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses will be “The Trade Routes”. There were many different cultures to be found along The Silk Road, The Amber Road, The Spice Road, et al. – come and share with us some wonderous thing that could be found in your travels along one of these routes, or perhaps something that you carried with you in your travels along them. You could also share with us a tale or a song from one of those distant lands.

Any form of Art or Scientific endeavor which fits the theme is welcome, and you may enter your work in the competition, or to put it out for display only. You are welcome to have more than one entry or display.

While pre-registration is not required, in order to help us to place space for the event, we do ask that, if possible, you drop a note to the Contests Deputy, and let us know about how much space we should allow for your entry(s).

Further information about Cultura Atlantia can be found at

Largesse Competition

Contestants should prepare 9 items of largess. The winner will be selected by populace vote and receive one of each of the competition entries, while the other 8 will be donated to the Royal Stash.

There will also be a Take One, Leave One Library for exchanging books and research.

A&S Classes (Pavillion)

Additionally, we have a packed schedule of classes and solars throughout the day and invite everyone to stop by! This schedule may change depending on the day and the weather but we will do our best to stick to it. Each of these classes will meet at the Pavilion and then relocate as needed.