Newcomers & Novices Point is the place where you can ask questions and hang out. Bring your chairs, baskets, and mugs, making Point your pavilion for the day. There will be a few activities, such as:

– Coffee, Tea, and Coronation: a casual conversation to start the day: Coronations, regalia, and the research that goes into creating the SCA.

– Walk the Site: a stroll where you can identify activities you may want to get started in and learn about SCA etiquette.

– Surviving Court with Your Head Attached: a practical class that lets you know who is who at the front of the court, and what you do when called into court.

Master the SCA Hunt: a scavenger hunt designed just for you! Complete all the questions and tasks for a chance to receive a handmade a leather game set!

– There will also be a free drawing of a feast basket for two!

Do you have questions about the event before you arrive?

Have questions? Email me at

I look forward to seeing you there!

Dame Mor the Merry
Emergency Deputy Chatelain