To celebrate the royal hunt called in honor of the coronation of Adelhait and Christoph we will feast upon the beasts of the wood, field and sky slain by our noble hunters.

Volunteers Needed:

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Dietary guide:

GF= Gluten Free
V= Vegetarian
VG= Vegan
DF= Dairy Free
This feast is completely nut free

First – Last of the Stores.
It is Spring and the hunt is on! We will empty the larders so they may be prepared for the incoming bounty from the hunt and from the new season

  • Cured Meats  GF/DF
  • Cheeses  GD/V
  • Pickled Vegetables  GF/DF/VG
  • Rastons (ale barm bread) V/DF
  • Butter & Quynade (soft cheese with quince)  GF/V

Second – Winged Game and Foraged Treasures.
Next we will dine on birds brought down by the skill of our hunters with alums and fungus gathered from King’s woods.

  • Hennys in Gauncelye (roasted chicken with creamy garlic sauce)  GF
  • Ryth So Caboges (cabbage ribbons)  GF/VG/DF
  • Funges (sauteed mushrooms and leeks)  GF/DF/VG

Third – Stag Hunt and First Harvest.
Great roasts will be served with the freshest spring greens and tender peas from the garden.

  • Roasted “Venyson” (roasted beef)  DF/GF and Furmenty (wheat pottage) V
  • Lange Wortes de pesoun (braised greens and peas)  GF/DF/VG

Fourth – Boar: Hounded and Speared.
The final gift from the hunt is the mighty hog, rooted out by hound and slayed by blade. We turn a dangerous foe into a hearty treat.

  • Pygges farsyd. (stuffed roasted pig) DF/GF
  • Oyle Soppes. (stewed onions with bread) VG/DF

Fifth – Sweet Delights.
We will end the meal with rich sweets made with the finest white sugar, and preserved fruits from three different lands.

  • Creme Boylede (boiled custard) V
  • Bryndons (crispy fried dough with dried fruit sauce) VG/DF