Head Cook: Lord Heinrich von Holstein (mka Harry Holstein)

First Course

  • Assorted nuts and dried fruits
  • Spiced hummus with flatbreads [GF options available]

Second Course

  • Caliph’s Mustard Chicken (Grilled chicken with walnut, honey, and mustard sauce)
  • Mujadara (Rice, lentils, and caramelized onions)

Third Course

  • Fustuqiyya (beef or lamb meatball and pistachio stew)
  • Tender Chickpeas (with almond milk, onions, herbs, and spices)

Fourth Course

  • Salad with oxygarum (vinegar and garum* dressing)
  • Boiled eggs with oxygarum and spices
  • Spiced olives

Fifth Course

  • Roast Pork with onions, leeks, garlic, and garum*
  • Yogurt dip with bread [GF options available]
  • Cucumber salad (with honey, vinegar, and garum* dressing)

Final Course

  • Fresh cheese and honey
  • Honey fritters
  • Rice pudding with spices
  • Assorted fresh fruit

*Garum is an ancient Mediterranean fermented fish sauce. Used in small quantities, it adds salt and umami flavors to a dish. Salad and vegetable dishes will be offered with garum dressing on-the-side, with alternatives for vegetarians.