Friday (10/4/2019)

  • 3:00PM Site Opens
  • 10:00PM Troll Closes

Saturday (10/5/2019)

  • 9:00AM Troll reopens
  • 9:30AM Authorizations and sign-in with MoL for field staff and combatants
  • 10:00AM Final Court of Christoph and Adelhait
  • After court, ~11AM Armored & Rapier Inspections, Authorizations, Archery flight shoot, Classes begin, Thrown Weapons range opens, Heraldic consultation table opens
  • Noon Armored combat 3×3 Capture-the-Keg in barn. Rapier begins HR bearpit, Cut & Thrust tourney. Archery range opens.
  • 12:30PM Thrown Weapons Reinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Laws, assemble your ingredients)
  • 1:30PM Rapier 3×3 Capture-the-Keg in barn, then more singles tourneys, Armored bear pit
  • 2:30PM Thrown Weapons Duck Duck Goose tourney
  • 2:30PM Atlantian Steel demo on list field
  • 3:00PM Archery range closes
  • 3:00PM Youth fighting on list field
  • 3:00PM Armored melees; Rapier pick-ups or field battle
  • 3:30PM Meistersinger competition
  • 4:30 A&S competitions close, pick up your entries
  • 5:00PM Evening Court
  • 6:00PM Feast Begins
  • After feast, ~8pm Music and Dancing in pavilion, Evening Games in the Hound & Hare Tavern

11 AM (after Court) “Germanic Tales” by Lady Scholastica Joycours
12 PM “Hair Taping” by Baroness Karin Taylor de Cameron
1 PM “Spinning and Fiber Preparation” by Mistress Brienna Llewellyn Lindsey
1 PM Youth, “Making Viking-period Beads with Clay” by Lady Astrid Spakona
2 PM “Period Bead Embroidery” by Lady Sindara Lind Rachel Fessel of the Falconshield